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How To Get Clients Using LinkedIn - A Step By Step Guide (with proof and examples)

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Proven Strategies and Tactics To Generate New Business By Using LinkedIn 

Ever wonder how to get new clients on LinkedIn without spending hours spamming their inboxes with cold outreach?

Do you wish you could open up your messages and have people you've never contacted, contact you to do business with you? 

I've figured it out and can show you how. 

It's a specific process that I've used that works. I even have the proof.

Over the past nine years, I've used LinkedIn to book hundreds of meetings resulting in millions of dollars in new business. How did I do it?

Through a ton of trial and error. I’ve worked exclusively at early stage startups with no name recognition and have developed a repeatable and clear process.

In my guide, I'll share the exact tactics I've used to book meetings with all types of prospects, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Whether I was an individual contributor, leading a sales team, or the founder of my own startup. I’ve been using LinkedIn to book meetings and I will show you how to do it and explain what may be preventing your success. 

At my current startup, half of our clients came from LinkedIn. And most of the meetings came inbound because of my LinkedIn strategy and tactics.

This is a guide with step by step tactics, strategies, and real examples, that will increase the number of meetings you book with your prospects, resulting in many becoming new clients. 

What's in the guide?

  • Quick Overview 
  • Building A LinkedIn Profile That Converts
  • Getting Meetings
  • Determining Your Buyer Persona
  • Strategies To Build Your Network and Book More Meetings
  • Types Of Content To Create
  • Understanding The LinkedIn Algorithm 
  • Content Creation Best Practices
  • Tactic Overview
  • Tactic #1
  • Tactic #2
  • Tactic #3
  • LinkedIn Promotion Hacks
  • Analysis
  • Tactic #4
  • Outbound Messaging + Playbook Overview
  • Cold Outbound Messaging 
  • Messaging Playbook
  • Other Tips


Who is this course for?

Founders, Small Business Owners, and Salespeople with B2B products

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has over 760 million members. That is an enormous pool of people you can do business with. In fact, almost 40% log on every day making it one of the most active social networks in the world. What separates LinkedIn from sites like Facebook and Instagram is that the purpose of being on LinkedIn is for business. People want to do business on LinkedIn but you have to approach it in the correct way.

Why did you create this guide?

The amount of bad LinkedIn outreach I receive as a Founder made me realize people need help. If these people were on my sales team, I would transform them from a low performer to a high performer very quickly by showing them exactly what I've learned through the years. 

I've also worked with founders and salespeople who are missing the mark. I can easily fix what's not working and get you headed in the right direction to win more business.

I'm not good at sales, is this still for me?

Yes. In fact, this is an easier way for you to book meetings with prospects than traditional methods such as cold calling. This guide does not require you to have any sales experience. 

Why didn't you create a video course?

I might but this guide is more than good enough. You're going to want to refer back to the guide on a regular basis and it's easier than referring back to videos. I'd also have to increase the cost.

What's different about this guide?

This focuses on unique strategies and tactics I've developed as a sales leader and founder with real examples you can use. It also shows proof of success. 

What's the refund policy?

100% money back if you're not satisfied within 30 days.

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An 81 Page Guide With Proven Strategies and Tactics To Generate New Business By Using LinkedIn

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How To Get Clients Using LinkedIn - A Step By Step Guide (with proof and examples)

4 ratings
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